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Welcome to WunderTeam.biz

Thank you for visiting our lifestyle onlines-shop.

"Who we are"

We are a online shop platform for customers who are looking for not only exclusive Austrian but international lifestyle brands and we pay special attention to the solid and healthy quality of the produce and the cerificate of origin.

We are also partners and platform for shop-in-shop solutions for Austrian lifestyle producers and distributors with the highest quality and ethical principles for raw materials, production and pricing.

This is why we pay particular attention to features such as:

  • origin and quality of the contents and raw materials used
  • location and process in production
  • conditions for suppliers and their workers
  • fair value added chains at all production and trading levels

We want to offer our partners the opportunity to open up to new international markets and distribution channels using state-of-the-art legal, technical and logistical tools and standards. This is how we see ourselves as a strong partner and complement for regional trade.

"Our vision"

We want to be of customer benefit. We want to offer regional producers and dealers with innovative and trendy lifestyle ideas a professional platform for online sales and jointly open up new and international markets. Responsible management of people, animals and the environment is as important to us as the security of our customers when shopping in our shop.

"Shopping online safely"

Maximum customer protection is one of our central concerns. Our customers enjoy buyer protection up to € 2.500, - and at the same time a 30 day money back guarantee. In combination with the buyer protection guidelines of our payment provider PayPal, we offer 100% consumer protection for the benefit and security of our customers.

"Protection of minors in online trade"

Children and young people need the special protection of society. Therefore, all are required to protect children and young people from the dangers of alcohol abuse! This applies to parents, teachers, politicians, manufacturers and importers of alcoholic beverages and especially for us as an online retailer! Youth protection in online commerce is seen not only as a legal requirement but as an important guiding principle of adult responsibility. We stick to it.

"Lifestyle with responsibility"

Share your friends and loved ones with the finest lifestyle merchandise and at the same time make a contribution to fair dealing with people, animals and resources.

Your staff at WunderTeam.

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