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Padre azul

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Padre azul

Padre azul Super Premium Tequila

Padre azul rocks the taste buds with its fine, surprisingly mild flavour and completely contradicts most people’s image of tequila.

Padre azul tequila is enjoyed neat, without salt or lemon, according to the motto: no compromises. 

Padre azul is nothing like ordinary tequila. The selected ingredients, its origins in the special tequila cultivation area, and careful production make it an exclusive, premium product, unlike anything else in Europe.


  • 100% TEQUILLA

In Mexico, the supervisory authority Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) is the guardian of genuine tequila. Padre azul meets the all of the conditions and can display the sought-after quality seal on its bottle.

Tequila is a protected mark of origin. Only distillates of blue agave and from certain cultivation areas in Mexico can call themselves tequila. Padre azul is made in the federal state of Jalisco following Mexican tradition and it is a genuine premium tequila.



The bottle
  • 100% HANDMADE

You won’t find any compromises in the design of the unusual “Padre azul” bottles either. They are hand-made and feature a 270 gram skull that creatively picks up on Mexico’s death’s head culture.

Only the best is good enough for Padre azul, outside and in. This makes the normal bottle something unique. The leather jacket with lacing gives the bottles a particularly “rock” look. 

The raw material
  • 100% AGAVE

Blue agave is one of 400 types of agave and the best for making tequila. The plants find the optimum conditions to flourish especially in Jalisco in the Mexican highlands, where the hot, dry climate prevails.

At harvest time, the blue agave is released from its spiky leaves so that only the heart, the piña, as the Mexicans say, is left. Only after eight years of maturation can they be processed into premium tequila to give Padre azul its unique flavour.



"Padre azul, the premium tequila with a mild, pure flavour - genuine and unique." Stefan Kretzschmar
The face

Stefan Kretzschmar is one of Germany’s most successful handball players. Since his retirement he has been working as a TV expert and he is now also the brand ambassador for Padre-azul. Along with the striking design, he was mainly convinced by the incomparable taste of Padre azul. Until then Kretzschmar was not a tequila drinker. But that has definitely changed!

About us

Behind Padre azul are friends who all have one thing in common: their passion for Mexico. We appreciate good-quality tequila and are bringing an exclusive product to Europe in the form of Padre azul. We looked for the perfect distillery in Mexico for a long time. We found one at Tres Mujeres in Jalisco in the Mexican highlands.



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Min: €0 Max: €100

Padre azul Tequila Añejo 0,7l

€99,00 * Unit price: €141,43 / Liter

Añejo, the mature tequila, was stored in oak barrels for at least one year. Full-bodied, with a particularly soft flavour.

Padre azul Tequila Reposado 0,7l

€85,00 * Unit price: €121,43 / Liter

Reposado has been matured in French oak barrels for at least two months. Slight vanilla flavour, very noticeable, pleasant aftertaste.

Padre azul Tequila Blanco 0,7l

€79,00 * Unit price: €112,86 / Liter

Clear, transparent tequila. Bottled straight after distillation. Very soft and mild flavour. Ideal for cocktails.

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