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Julius Hampl 1884 Timepieces U-Boat Chimera 48 GMT

€9.900,00 * Unit price: €9.900,00 / piece

CHIMERA 48 CARBONIO GMT Limited Edition 199 pieces worldwide only.

Julius Hampl 1884 Timepieces U-Boat CAPSULE 50

€9.200,00 * Unit price: €9.200,00 / piece

U-Boat CAPSULE 50 BK/BR Limited Edition 288 pieces worldwide only.

Julius Hampl 1884 Timepieces U-Boat U-42 BK RD GMT

€4.900,00 * Unit price: €4.900,00 / piece

The U-42 GMT is the first U-boat watch equipped with a small red ball showing the hours for the third time zone and 24 hours of the day at the same time.

Julius Hampl 1884 Timepieces Bell & Ross Carbon Orange

€4.490,00 * Unit price: €4.490,00 / piece

Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Carbon Orange Limited Edition 500 pieces.

Julius Hampl 1884 Timepieces Porsche Design

€3.250,00 * Unit price: €3.250,00 / piece

Porsche Design 1919 Datetimer Eternity

scull-art scull-art bracelet "Curb Chain"

€159,90 * Unit price: €159,90 / Piece

Bracelet in scull-art design with armor chain and skull pendant from 925 sterling silver.

scull-art Curb chain necklace

€159,90 * Unit price: €159,90 / Piece

Necklace in scull-art design with curb chain and skull pendant in 925 sterling silver. Handmade in Germany.

Bonsalpo Crystal Cognac X.O.

€149,00 * Unit price: €212,86 / Liter

Many different aspects need to be respected in order to transform a simple cognac into a unique experience of pleasure.

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