Helena Melmer Cosmetics Gel Polish Home Kit complete set
Gel Polish Home Kit complete set €79,90

Gel Polish Home Kit complete set

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Item number: GP 100
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Everything important packaged in an optically enlarged rhinestone stone nail polish bottle - from the LED cellular style lamp, the Ferrari red classic gelpolish paint No. 5, the customer nail file in the SafeCase - with the practical 2 different grits - for a gentle nap of the natural nails, the disinfecting Nail Prep Pads - The handy mini-buffer for the perfect matting of the nail plate, The manicure stick with SoftTouch as well as the customer-friendly instructions - each customer leads to a personal wish result or leaves every customer request - perfectly painted nails - ideal for travel at home weekends, sundays and holidays.

LED lamp cellular style / gelpolish red / buffer / file / Des Pads 10 pcs / chopsticks / Instructions.

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