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Exclusive & fine spirits traditionally manufactured

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Exclusive & fine spirits traditionally manufactured

*Please note that alcohol and spirits can only be sold to persons over 18 years of age. A corresponding age check is carried out at the delivery by the parcel delivery service.

Min: €0 Max: €150

Bonsalpo Crystal Cognac X.O.

€149,00 * Unit price: €212,86 / Liter

Many different aspects need to be respected in order to transform a simple cognac into a unique experience of pleasure.

Padre azul Tequila Añejo 0,7l

€99,00 * Unit price: €141,43 / Liter

Añejo, the mature tequila, was stored in oak barrels for at least one year. Full-bodied, with a particularly soft flavour.

Padre azul Tequila Reposado 0,7l

€85,00 * Unit price: €121,43 / Liter

Reposado has been matured in French oak barrels for at least two months. Slight vanilla flavour, very noticeable, pleasant aftertaste.

Padre azul Tequila Blanco 0,7l

€79,00 * Unit price: €112,86 / Liter

Clear, transparent tequila. Bottled straight after distillation. Very soft and mild flavour. Ideal for cocktails.

Fair. Rum Belize

€49,90 * Unit price: €71,29 / Liter

Fair Spirits Rum Belize limited edition 10 years

Fair. Gin Barrel

€39,90 * Unit price: €79,80 / Liter

Fair. Gin Barrel

Fair. Vodka Quinoa

€34,90 * Unit price: €49,86 / Liter

The great taste comes from specially selected quinoa and a proprietary production process that is the result of a two-year joint research project between French distillers and Andean farmers.

Fair. Gin Juniper

€32,90 * Unit price: €65,80 / Liter

The extraordinary taste comes from the interplay of various factors. The basic vodka is the basic alcohol. In addition, high-quality juniper berries and spices are macerated for one week.

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